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World class quality services of DTH Machines, Submersible, Pumps, Panels, SS Pipes, PVC Pipes, GI Pipes, Rain Water Harvesting, Feka Pumps, Submersible Sewage Pumps etc..
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DTH Machines

We, R.P. Tubewell Works are one of the leading services provider related to DTH machines, pumps and pipe fittings, which have got high application in various industries. The range of products and contract services we offer include DTH machine, submersible pumps, panels, SS pipe, PVC pipe, GI pipe, rain water harvesting, feka pumps, WQ series submersible sewage pumps.

We have also gained a reputation as A class contractors for providing rain water harvesting services to customers in the domestic market. Our company was incepted in the year 2000 by Mr. Krishna, whose experience in the respective water harvesting field has helped us in providing services and products as per the increasing requirements of our clients.
Some of the tasks done by our company in the contract process include:

I. Catchments
Me make a roof of reinforced cement concrete, corrugated sheets of galvanized iron, which directly receives the rain and provide water to the system.
II. Coarse Mesh
We make a coarse mesh at the roof of the structure in order to prevent the passage of debris.
III. Gutters
We find out a suitable place for making semi circular or rectangular gutters to collect and transport the rain water to the storage tank.
IV. Conduits
These are pipelines or drains to carry the rain water from the catchment to the harvesting system. The conduits fitted can be constructed of any material such as PVC or galvanized iron.
V. First Flushing
The first spell of rain contains larger amount of pollutants. Therefore, a valve fitted to ensure that runoff from the first spell of rain is flushed out before it enters the system.
VI. Filter
A filter is fitted to remove the suspended pollutants from the collected rain water. Filter unit is a chamber that is filled with filtering media such as fibre or gravel layers that helps in removing the dirt and debris from water before it enters the storage or recharge structure.
VII. Storage Facility
We install various types of tanks with different shape, size and quantity level for storing the harvested water.
VIII. Recharge Structures
Construction of recharge structure such as bore wells, dug wells, recharge pits to charge the rainwater into ground water aquifers.

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